Ratio Christi Canada is pleased to announce that we have recently established a new partnership with the George A. Rawlyk Library at Crandall University.

Under this partnership, Ratio Christi Press, the publishing arm of Ratio Christi, has granted permission to the university library to host digital copies of our growing series of scholarly booklets. These have been written on a variety of apologetics-related issues by experts in the field, including but not limited to William Lane Craig, J. P. Moreland, Stephen Meyer, Craig Keener, Paul Copan, Gregory Koukl, and Ratio Christi’s very own President and CEO, Corey Miller, who recently visited Ratio Christi Canada.

The booklets will be hosted on a local server for use by members of the Crandall community (i.e., students, faculty, staff, alumni, walk-in users, and emeritus faculty) via the university’s integrated library system.

This is an exciting new partnership for everyone involved, and the hope is that it will benefit many.

A Growing Relationship

Crandall University is a leading Christian liberal arts institution based in Moncton, New Brunswick, and it’s been home to our earliest and currently largest campus chapter in Canada. The chapter has maintained a good relationship with the university over the years, and the two have collaborated on numerous public events.

So, it seems the perfect fit for Crandall University to be the first institution with whom Ratio Christi forges such a partnership.

“I see this as a great way to further strengthen the already great relationship between our chapter and the university,” says Cody Guitard, Chapter Director for Ratio Christi at Crandall University. “We’re always looking for new ways to serve and collaborate with the university on ministry opportunities, and this is one more way we can do so.”

An Exciting First for Everyone

David Purdy, the Crandall University Librarian, approached Ratio Christi with the idea for this partnership in the fall of 2023 and likewise sees it as an important one. “Ratio Christi events at Crandall have great benefit to our students in their development of mature faith,” he says. “I see the library’s hosting of these eBooks as an extension of the good work Ratio Christi is already doing in our academic community.”

The George A. Rawlyk Library has a massive digital collection accessible to the Crandall community. However, it’s the first time the library has partnered with an outside organization to host all the latter’s publications.

This is also an exciting first for Ratio Christi. While this sort of partnership is new to the ministry, it is certainly in keeping with our larger mission.

Rick James, National Director of Publishing and Communications (Ratio Christi U.S.), says that for Ratio Christi Press, “this partnership allows us to fulfill our calling to be a resource in apologetics to the wider body of Christ.” He suggests that Ratio Christi is “in a unique position to assemble Christian scholars in a variety of disciplines to speak into those disciplines and address cultural issues in their area of expertise.”

Being a Resource to All

A central tenet of Ratio Christi’s ministry has always been to be a resource to people, especially college and university communities. Partnerships like the new one forged with Crandall University open exciting new doors of possibility in terms of who we can reach and how we can reach them.

James says, “What we have lacked, and what the George A. Rawlyk Library has provided, is a venue for making this content broadly accessible. We’re delighted to partner with Crandall University in this ‘good work.’”

Purdy believes that the eBooks will be a much-used resource among members of the Crandall community. “The Ratio Christi chapter here at Crandall is one of the most active student groups on campus,” he says. “We anticipate that the popularity of Ratio Christi among our student body will result in these Ratio Christi publications becoming popular titles in our library collection.”

We certainly hope that Purdy is correct and that our partnership will help equip more students, staff, and faculty on the Crandall University campus to effectively share and defend the Christian faith.

If you’re a college or university interested in forming a similar partnership to host digital copies of our growing collection of booklets, please contact Ratio Christi Press at rcpress@ratiochristi.org.