Ratio Christi Canada is at a crucial growth stage in our development as a young ministry, and we want you!

We’re looking for qualified individuals (and those willing to get the necessary qualifications) to join us on the frontlines of reaching young people with the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

There are countless ways to get involved and so many great reasons why you should seriously consider applying to serve with Ratio Christi Canada, whether as a volunteer or as a supported missionary. Here are some of the top ones:

1 – Make a Difference

As we’ve shared in a previous post, our ministry is all about addressing the problem of the mass exodus of 60-90% of our young people from the church.

As a Ratio Christi team member, you’ll be playing a key role in reversing this tragic trend. In whatever capacity you serve, you’ll be helping to equip young people with answers to their questions and objections about the Christian faith, removing any intellectual barriers they may have to the gospel.

We’ve had skeptical high school students come to Christ after having all their objections answered. We’ve had unchurched college and university students become firmly convinced of the truth of Christianity. We’ve even had former Ratio Christi students join our ministry themselves following graduation because of the impact it had on their lives.

Lives are being changed through Ratio Christi, and we want to see a revival among students on our campuses, in our schools, and in our churches. God can use you to help make that happen. You, too, can make a difference.

2 – Amazing Resources

One of our purposes as a ministry is to connect people with quality apologetics resources, including our own series of short booklets designed to equip readers to engage with a wide variety of apologetics-related topics.

However, as a Ratio Christi team member, you’ll also have direct access to a network of hundreds of Christian apologists from around the globe who can themselves be resources to you and your students. Whether you might have a question for them, would like to host them for an event, or would simply want to know what resources they might recommend, our network of apologists are always more than happy to be of service to one another in our common cause.

So, even if you’ll be doing ministry in a remote area with little to no in-person support, you’ll always have Ratio Christi’s global apologetics network on hand!

3 – Make It Your Own

All of our chapter ministries are geared toward leading our students in discussion on a variety of topics related to the truth and relevance of the Christian faith.

As a Ratio Christi team member, your primary role in the chapter meetings would be that of discussion facilitator. However, exactly how this looks will be up to you and your students!

Some of our chapters prefer to have open topical discussions, others use book or DVD studies, and still others simply have good old-fashioned Bible studies. Sometimes these include guest talks or interviews with other scholars and apologists, sometimes students are taken on a field trip, and sometimes chapters host apologetics game show nights.

Whether you choose to serve on a college or university campus, at a high school, or in a local church, there really are endless possibilities for how you can help equip your students for sharing and defending the gospel!

4 – Flexible Schedule

Everybody in Ratio Christi is here to serve, but not everyone can make the same time commitments. For example, one person might be able to commit a couple of hours each week to meeting with students while another person might be able to commit an entire 40-hour work week to doing all sorts of stuff for the ministry. We welcome and value both.

So, in addition to flexible chapter formats, we also have flexible ministry schedules.

As a Ratio Christi team member, your hourly commitments will vary depending on whether you join us as a volunteer, a part-time supported missionary, or a full-time supported missionary. And regardless of which of these capacities you would fall into, your daily and weekly schedules are largely yours to determine in accordance with the needs of your ministry and family.

5 – Education & Training Discounts

We want our apologists to be as well-equipped as possible to answer challenges to the faith and train up young people to do the same.

As a Ratio Christi team member, you’ll be entitled to special discounts ranging from 10-50% off tuition costs for college, university, and seminary programs at our partner institutions!

Our partners include Biola University, Liberty University, Southern Evangelical Seminary, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, and Columbia International University, among others. Some discounts have additional eligibility requirements beyond just serving with Ratio Christi, but all are geared toward helping make quality academic and ministry training more accessible to our team.

This all sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? So, what are you waiting for? If you’re seriously interested in exploring the possibility of serving with Ratio Christi Canada, you can get the ball rolling by completing our online “Join Now” form.